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Chrisma - essential biography*

From the New Dada to the satellite, from the beat moods to the electronic experimentalism: the life and career of Maurizio Arcieri and Christina Moser

Maurizio and Christina - Recording at Vangelis Nemo Studio1976: Maurizio and Christina form the duo CHRISMA (the monicker is no less  than the contraction of their two names; in the following years the "Ch" will be replaced by the "K").

The two move from Milan to London and record "U" and "Amore" with the help of Nico Papathanassiou and his brother Vangelis.

1977/1978: the profitable collaboration with Nico and Vangelis continues.
What  was happening in London also shake waters in the house Arcieri: the duo marries the punk cause adopting its look and records "Chinese Restaurant", whose mood, rather than follow Pistols & Co. path seems a lot similar to certain works of the Velvet Underground (to which they will be compared by the illustrious New Musical Express).
The 45 drawn by the full-length "Lola" enters the Top 10.

During the promotional Chinese Restaurant Tour Maurizio experiments the notorious "finger-job" (a finger is cut on stage with a razor).
National uproar and bold titles on the newspapers, that come to write of an hypothetical loss of the finger in matter. 
The accident resolves in anticipated end of the tour.

1979: Maurizio and Christina record their second album, "Hibernation", which gets a good  success also at international level. They are definitively established in London.
Other "scandal" because of the video drawn by the single "Aurora B." in which Christina and Maurizio simulate suicide and sexual actions in a subway station. The clip is one of the first of Italian history.
The duo is now ready for a change of name and music direction: Krisma shift to electrowave.



* thanx, Aurora B.!
English translation by Mind Lounge and Patricia Vercammen.


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