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Chrisma in NME "cult heroes" issue - May 28, 2011

by Jamie Hince from THE KILLS

KrismaAbout four years ago, we were touring in Germany. I was in this junk shop and I came across "Chinese Restaurant" by Chrisma.
It had the most incredible cover, these two people outside a Chinese restaurant with the guy looking like he's just had his face cut from his mouth to his ear.

I bought it on the strength of the cover, but when I played it, it was absolutely brilliant.

There's a song called "Thank You" that sounds like some weird Spanish Grace Jones thing, and then there's one called "Black Silk Stocking" which is just phenomenal, like a modern electro song.

I don't know a lot about them, but they sound Italian. If you can find the album, dowonload it, because it's amazing!


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