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Krisma - Cathode Mamma

LP: Polydor - 2448 110 (1980) / CD: Polydor 1748798 (2007)

Cathode Mamma has been re-released for the FIRST time on CD in November 2007!

Krisma: Christine Moser, Maurizio Arcieri.
Synthetizers programming: Hans Zimmer.
All music by Krisma. Lyrics by Peter Sibley.
Many thanks to Ricky Persi and John Perry.

Recorded and mixed by Chris Stone and Jack Lancaster at Trident Studios, London.

Produced by Maurizio Arcieri and Jack Lancaster.
Cover by Mario Convertino.
Telephoto by Karim / Gallo.
All titles published by Intersong Artemis.

Watch Cathode Mamma videos in Krisma Video section.

Track list of "Cathode Mamma":
  1. Many Kisses (Tirana Love Lunch)
  2. Telegram *
  3. Peggy Guggenheim *
  4. Cathode Mamma *
  1. White Knife
  2. Rrock *
  3. Rien Ne Va Plus
  4. Last Chance To See Man 
* listen to this track via the link on the right
Krisma - Cathode Mamma


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