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Maurizio (1970)

LP - Joker SM 3050 distr. by SAAR (1970)

A collection of sixties and early seventies singles that comprises "Cinque minuti e poi...", a 1 million copies hit.

"Elizabeth" and "Sirena" were written by Franco Battiato.

Battiato hosted, more than 30 years later, Maurizio and Christina in his first movie, "Perduto Amor".

Track list of "Maurizio 1970":
  1. Cinque minuti e poi...*
  2. Elizabeth
  3. L'amore č blu... ma ci sei tu!
    (L'amour est bleu... I Can Sing a Rainbow)
  4. 24 ore spese bene con amore 
    (Spinning Wheel) *
  5. Cade qualche fiocco di neve 
    (Juste quelques flocons qui tombent)
  6. Era solo ieri
  1. Il comizio (di Maurizio)
  2. E schiaffeggiarti!... 
    (Take Me for a Little While) *
  3. Un'ora basterą 
    (Je t'appelle encore)
  4. Sirena
  5. Il fiore all'occhiello
  6. Ricomincio da zero
    (Natural Born Loser)
* listen to this track via the link on the right
Maurizio - 1970 - original LP cover


Maurizio 1970 - CD reissue"Maurizio - 1970" has been reissued, with a different cover, in CD format (medium price) by Joker (Joker - CD 22061).

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