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I New Dada - I'll Go Crazy

LP - Bluebell BB LP 37 (1966)

New Dada line-up:
Maurizio Arcieri: vocals; Renč (Renato) Vignocchi: guitar; Pupo (Franco) Longo: battery; Ferry (Ferruccio) Sansoni: keyboards; Giorgio Fazzini: bass guitar; Franco Ladanza: guitar
Produced by Leo Watcher.

It was during the birhday party of Leo Watcher's daughter that Maurizio Arcieri and Christina Moser met.
Christina was in her teens then, Maurizio being the famous lead singer of the beat band that shared the stage with the Beatles during their italian all sold-out tour.

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Track list of "I'll Go Crazy":
  1. I'll Go Crazy
  2. 15a Frustata
  3. Who'll Be the Next in Line *
  4. Batti i Pugni *
  5. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
  6. L'amore Vero
  1. T-Bird
  2. Non Dirne Pių
  3. La Mia Voce
  4. Jenny Jenny
  5. Domani Si
  6. C'č Qualcosa
* listen to this track via the link on the right
New Dada - I'll Go Crazy original LP cover
I'll Go Crazy - CD reissue cover"I'll Go Crazy" original vinyl is now a rare and high priced collectors item, as well as the singles - which cost up to 200 euros.
Fortunately, the LP has been reissued - with 4 bonus tracks - by On Sale Music, an independent italian label (catalog number 52 - OSM - 011).

If you'd like to place an order or get some info please contact:

On Sale Music
Via U. La Malfa, 68 - Mezzate
20068 Peschiera Borromeo (MI)
tel. 02 55301075

  Check availability for this record also online at Nannucci.


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